The SafeSwitch is a timer-programmable, dual network Hard Wired switch.
The SafeSwitch allows a timely bypass from the WAN to the LAN.
This feature set enables remote assistance or diagnostic process within the most secured enviroments. In order to maintain utmost security, control panel can be locked for pybass re-activation.

This technology provides our clients with the next generation cyber security and suits a wide range of sectors amongst which:
Critical National Infrastructure including sensitive facilities such as nuclear power plants, power stations, national dams and more.
Oil and Gas facilities such as refineries and gas lines
Electric Power Stations- using the system to distribute and transmit vital information
Transportation Infrastructure– using the system for secured control & navigation systems
Chemical and Pharmaceutical – system can be used for securing process and control systems
Government & HLS (Home Land Security) – securing sensitive information regarding border control, social security and Health
Financial Systems and Banks- securing vital information for banks, stock exchange etc.